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Herpes Eye Infection In Cats Medication

The following are common treatment regimens used in treating recurrent feline herpes viral conjunctivitis: Topical antibiotics Topical anti-viral medications Famciclovir oral anti-viral medication Idoxuridine ophthalmic solution Vidarabine ophthalmic ointment Trifluridine (also called Triflurothymidine) ophthalmic solution When your pet has been diagnosed with herpes, he will most likely be given antiviral eye drops, such as Vira-A or Herplex. These drops may need to be given to your pet as many as five or six times a day, depending on his individual needs. Antibiotics are also prescribed to ward off any secondary infections that may develop from harmful bacteria. Feline herpesvirus is a common cause of conjunctivitis and contagious upper respiratory infections (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis – FVR) in cats. This infection is caused by a herpesvirus which is specific to cats; it is not contagious to other.

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